Hello, it has been a while since I have blogged.  It is Saturday morning and I am sitting here drinking some sweet tea, blogging and watching my kids color and work on learning work books.

I got to sleep in a little this morning and my awesome husband made me a breakfast sandwich and then watched the kids so I could go into town alone. ūüôā ¬†That means I got to go to Dollar Tree, Goodwill, Walmart without having to get kids in and out of the car, no tears or tantrums, overall it was a peaceful time that this momma needed. ¬†I think this should be a once a week thing! ¬†I don’t think my husband or wallet would agree. ¬†HAHA

Anyway just wanted to share what I was doing  today and what I am planning for the blog.  I would like to start blogging again and using this blog for a personal outlet.  To share anything I love, want to talk about,  and experiencing in life.  Pretty much all about my life as a full time working, wife, mommy, and crafter/photographer wannabe.

Stay tuned for more from me..








HeatPress Story

So I shared that I was purchasing a heat press a couple weeks ago and I would share my journey. Funny story I ordered it late Friday night (which it was on back order it would be in stock for two weeks) then on Sunday morning I was drinking coffee with my mom and grandma. I was excited and told my mom hey guess what I ordered a heat press and now I can put designs on shirts.. my grandma said why didn’t you say something sooner I have one sitting in my closet collecting dust that you can have.  I was like seriously, so I went over to her house and sure enough there was a nice one sitting there. So I cancelled my order and got a free heat press!! I was over the moon here are something I’ve done so far. 

New Crafting Machine and Journey 

Good afternoon, I am so excited after much thought process I decided to purchase a heat press.  after researching them for about three days and decided on this one!!  

I also ordered some vinyl, and teflon sheets..  I am very excited to dip into the HTV journey, any body else already there and have some tips?

  I want to purchase some tote bags, koozies, shirts and onesies to create designs on and sale locally. 

This isn’t really something I want to get into big time I just want to sell some stuff to pay for my crafting hobbies.. Cause lets face it I am obsessed. I have been waking up at 4 am all last week so I can craft before going to work at my full time job. That should explain how obsessed I am. 

Anyways I just thought I would blog about this first step into HTV and a heat press so I can start documenting my crafting journey. 

Have a great evening and rest of the weekend.. 


Okay so I have been obsessed with crafting lately. It’s my absolute favorite thing to do!! Here are some of the things I have made so far..  

 I definitely want to starting making stuff to sell, and start saving up some money for a emergency fund.. but first I need to practice to get better and better..

Well better go to sleep, it’s getting late and I have to be up early for work!  

Christmas Tradition

Good morning, I thought I would share a new tradition I want to start this year.. As a child we always got to open one Christmas present on Christmas Eve, they were always pjs to sleep in.  Well I want to incorporate that into our Christmas traditions but instead I made a gift box that included pjs, slippers, a movie, popcorn, and some hot chocolate.. 

I seen this idea floating around Facebook a while back and I knew I wanted to do this for my kiddos.    

 Another tradition we have done for several years is going to my parents on Christmas Eve and watching Christmas Vacation.  My mom loves that movie.

Do you have any family Christmas traditions?  


DIY Christmas Gift | Last Name Sign

Good morning, I had an awesome night relaxing, listening to music, and making some christmas gifts for the girls at work. ¬†I ¬†just discovered the power of a Cricut cutting machine + Contact Paper = Stencils. ¬†I was always intemmidated with stencils, but after trying it out I am hooked. ¬†I can’t wait to get some boards to do some more wood signs.

Contact paper is very cheap at Walmart! I got a whole roll of it last year $7 when I got my cricut and I still have more than half a roll, I bought the Con-Tact Self-Adhesive Shelf Liner. ¬†I also went the cheap route and bought Glad Press’n Seal Wrap which I ¬†use for my ¬†transfer method. ¬†It is hard to maneuver sometimes, however it is $5 a roll and it has last me over a year as well. ¬†I learned about the Press and Seal method from Cuttle_fan on Pinterest. ¬†Both of these products have both worked for me great since I have started using my Cricut.

The project below I did the stencil method on burlap and then put it in a black picture frame.  I created one for each of the women in my office for Christmas gifts. I watched a tutorial by Two Hearts One Love Designs on youtube to create the Split letter design in Cricut Design Space.

Another project I completed last night was a key holder.  I found the inspiration from this Pinterest post.  It was very easy to make and I had all the supplies saved up I was waiting for craft night.  All I did was spray paint my blocks and flat black, and hot glued them together.  Then I inserted little hooks on to each block.  I painted the plaque white and then hot glued the keys blocks to it.  TADA! A simple DIY project.

Hope you guys have a great Sunday!


Late Night Crafting

So it’s 9 pm and kids are asleep so I thought I would get my craft on! ¬†I wasn’t sure what to make but I knew I wanted to use my Cricut. I looked on Pinterest and 1st image shown above with the yellow frame from Love & Renovations¬†inspired me! I knew I didn’t have a frame I could use at this time so I went with a regular canvas covered it with some fabric I had from Walmart. ¬†Next I cut out the words with my cricut and¬†tada heres what I come up with. ¬†Of course I love the inspirational piece better but not bad for something created in a few minutes.

I have been really bad about hoarding craft supplies and thinking one day I will need it or use it.  I need to stop buying stuff unless I use what I have haha.

On a different note it’s been a while since I blogged. I wanted to catch up and say HI and hope you are having a great weekend.