2016 Goals | February


2016 Goals

Hello, so because it is February 3 I thought it would be a good idea for my first blog post to be my goals for this month.  I do not have a ton of goals this month a few of them are related to routines that I need to get into.   So without further ado:

February Goals:

Blog & Social Media:

  • Post consistently
  • Be more active on Instagram & Twitter
  • Clean up Pinterest


  • Take Ellie’s 1 year photos for birthday invitations
  • Start some kind of exercising routine or a way to be active at least 3Xs a week (yoga, walk out side anything is better than what I am doing now Nothing!)
  • Keep up on laundry
  • Try 2 new crockpot meals
  • Do dishes every night
  • Clean up space on computer (documents & photos)

What are your main goals for this month?


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