About Me


Hi there, I’m Robin and this is my blog!

I married my high school sweetheart Justin and we have two amazing kiddos Carson who was born in May 2011 and Ellie who was born in March 2015.

I work during the day as a Utilities Clerk/Cashier so this blog is going to be my creative outlet.

This blog is going to contain:

-Recent photoshoots or random pictures I take

-Things I learn

-DIY Projects and other creative projects

-Ramblings about life and my family


-Things I organize

&  whatever else I can write about!

A couple of facts so you can get to know me:

  • Love sweet tea and reading a good book
  • Wear Hearing Aids (I have had them since 2 years  old)
  • Have a Bachelors Degree in Managment Information Systems
  • Got married young and had both of my kids before age 24
  • Obsessed with colors and patterns, so that makes it hard for me to decorate 🙂

Here is me & my sweet family!





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