New Purse | What’s in my bag

Hello, I got a new purse this weekend so I though I would share my new bag and what I am carrying in it.


I was at a local Sportsman’s show the past weekend and this purse stood out to me the whole weekend.  So the last day I kept looking at it and trying to justify the spending.  Once I figured out it would be perfect for my camera gear for photoshoots as well as an everyday bag I was sold.  It was the most expensive purse I’ve actually bought myself but this purse is Concealed Carrie purse for more information you can visit the website @ .  This one is the Aged Brown Leather Satchel.



This is typically what I carry in all my bags.


The pink bag contains my checkbook, ipad/iphone charger, gum, and other misc small things.  The green coach bag contains my hearing aid batteries and parts, feminine products, and lotion.  The little blue thing with a bow is my cute little wallet my mom bought for me.  I always carry my iPad I love reading my books and watching the Tv Show  Younger on it in my free time.  Always have to have sunglasses and a pen.  I also take oatmeal to work for my breakfast and a magazine to skim through on my breaks.  Last but not least my Filofax.

What are your purse Essentials?





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