My Life | Hearing Aids


I have had hearing aids since I was two years old.  So therefore I don’t remember life without them.  It is a pain in the butt sometimes, but I know God wanted me this way and I am thankful that I can still hear with my hearing aids.

Some of the daily struggles I have are having to taking them out for bed and putting them back in when I wake up before any one tries to talk to me.  Also I can not wear them in the shower, or when swimming and I have to be careful when it rains.  Talking on the phone can be rough I perfer texing, and I use closed captions so I can understand what people are staying on the TV.  As for the radio and music I love the sound of songs, and music especially country but I honeslty dont like the songs because of words, cause I have no idea what the singers are saying.   

Hearing aids are so expensive, and they are labled as cosmetic which I think is stupid.  Most insurances do not cover hearing aids at least none of the ones I have had do.  I have to have my hearing aids to work I would not able to function properly at work without them.  As for other cost the batteries seem to constantly go dead, which sucks.  I have had my Oticon hearing aids for 7 years, but they have about come to an end.  I am trying a trial now with a  new doctor and I have my first pair now.  which are the Moxi Fit by Unitron.  I may do a blog post for each type to I can document my experience.

Well I guess I have rambled enough about my hearing aid experience if you have any questions comment below 🙂 


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