My Birthday Shopping Trip

So every year it seems we go to Springfield which is about an hour away to shop. I love going to TJMaxx, Lifeway (Christian bookstore), HobbyLobby and the Mall. I tried really hard not to just buy random stuff as I am going to try really hard the rest of this year to just buyin stuff for no reason. I am bad about that. Anyways I picked up a few things and I am excited!!  

  My hobby lobby trip consisted up this adorable rug on sale $4 I was so excited this went under my chair for my office..  

I also purchased a few things to start bible journaling..   

I got the lotion from my mother n law for my birthday along with some other BBW but I had it on my desk so I thought I would show it (I love it). The water bottle I am so pumped about I was really instreseted in the Swell water bottles but they are over $30 and I have spent a lot of money on water containers (I’m obsessed).  I did not want to spend that kind of money and I saw this one in the checkout line at TJMaxx do I thought I would give it a try.. Also got a screen protector for my phone, mine has been cracked since I got it last year and haven’t purchased a new one I thought it was about time. 

Also oh my goodness I actually went in Victoria Secret and instead of walking out  empty handed like I always do, I got measured and fell in love with their bras. Luckily I picked a good time too it was during their semi annual sales. So I picked up this cute bag shown above and a new black bra.. 

We also went to HuHot to eat that place is so yummy, so I though I would do the lifestyle blogger type thing and of course show pictures of my food.. Hehe.. The desert was awesome, cookie sought crabragoons and ice cream..  



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