Bible journaling | My first experience

I bought a bible journal from Amazon a while back when I wanted to get into bible journaling.  But then it sat on the shelf for probably about half a year cause I was too intimidated to start.  I would sit for hours a long time on Instagram and Pinterest looking at all the amazing and creative spreads.  But just could not get myself to actually create a spread.  I craft a lot in general so I had some supplies on hand I just could not bring myself to start that first page.

So when Christmas rolled around I picked up some actual bible journaling supplies from a Lifeway store. They had some illustrated faith supplies on sale that I had been eyeballing from Instagram #illustratedfaith #biblejournaling.

So once Christmas came and went and we all got settled down I finally picked a night and got all my supplies out and created these three spreads.  I don’t think it’s too bad for my first time.  I was happy with them, and it got me excited to get into the bible.

Do you bible journal and if so what is your #1 must have?



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