Goodwill Haul | #1

Went to goodwill on my lunch, I try to go once a week or once every two weeks. I have been on myself to only buy things that I really love and not stuff just because it’s really cheap lol. Anybody else have to do this?

Today I found a yoga block to add to my exercise area (I want to learn how to do yoga) I paid $1.99 and it was originally on clearance at target for $9.08. Then I picked up a Apple Watch screen protector for $6.99 originally $14.99, I needed one because the one I had when I first got my watch disappeared so I haven’t had one on for a long time. Oops.

Also I have been looking for a small calendar for at work, because we used to get the small ones that are sticky and I would use it for dates. I have not gotten one for this year and I found this cute one for $.99 I was excited about this. Then I found ChapStick total hydration pack of two in house red and cooling peppermint for $1.09.

That was my little haul for the day!

Have a fabulous day.


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