How I use my Happy Planners


Hello, I wanted to share why I have 5 happy planners I have and use.  The bottom one is my memory planner, then I have my recipes book, and next is my classic size planner, and then my mini HP, and lastly my catch-all notebook.

So in memory keeping planner, I am going to go back and start scrapbooking the photos I have or things I want to document from 2017 – 2018.  I bought a canon shelphy printer so I can print my photos easily and use them in this Planner.

My recipe book I got on Amazon, and I also want to print off photos of the meals I make and add them to my recipe book.  Then when Ellie gets old enough and has a place of her own, I can give this her as a gift.

My classic size planner is my favorite to write in for my actual planner, and it was the first one I bought.  The only downside is I have been trying to downsize my purse and it makes it hard to carry around every day at work and when I go out, so I have had to carry a separate bag for my planner and accessories.

That’s where the Mini comes in handy.  I use this to carry in my purse and document important dates, todos, shopping list, and whatever I need access to every day or when I am out and about.

Creative Notebook.jpg

Since I switch back and forth between the classic and mini, I got tired of duplicating the fun or informational pages I wanted access to each day or monthly so I created my catch-all notebook.  I made this notebook using HP products.  In this notebook, a few of the things I keep are a journal made from an undated extension pack, list of bills, monthly goals, KiitoCreations craft log, and craft ideas to make or any other list I want to make.

What is your favorite Happy Planner?



2 thoughts on “How I use my Happy Planners

    • There is more detailed information in my classic, and then basic information in my mini so that when I am out and about and I need to schedule something I can make sure I don’t overlap something..

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