My Top 3 Phone Photo Editing Apps


I am sitting here at a film class my husband is teaching and I thought I would write a blog post I haven’t in a while and I miss it.

I do not edit all of my photos that I put on Facebook.  I normally just edited the ones I put on my blog or if I am putting them on Instagram and when I do that I normally use the Instagram Gingham filter love the Matte look.

However my favorite iPhone Apps when I do edit my photos are:

  • A Beautiful Mess Love this app for adding text and little doodles, and boarders. Also love using it for collages.  This is a photo I edited with this app.IMG_6137.jpg
  • Snapseed is a great app for basic editing.
  • Square ready This app is great for adding white space around the photo.  I love this for my Instagram. IMG_5286_Fotor_Collage.jpg


What are your favorites?



Eurika Springs | 7 Year Anniversary 

Hello everyone I am writing this blog post in the most comfortable bed from the beautiful cabin we rented for two days.  Today is Sunday meaning the day we go home. I am going to miss this cabin, I want to build a house based off of the features of this place..  

 Anyhoo we did a lot of exploring the downtown of Eurika Springs yesterday morning/afternoon. It was great, stopped in at Nibbles Eatery for cinimon roll and a SunnyDay smoothie and then after a morning scroll of checking out all the shops we went to the Christ of the Ozarks.  

 By then we were getting hungry so we stopped at The Filling Station. It’s was yummy Justin got the catfish platter and I got the crispy chicken club sandwhich. Both were great, we walked over to the ice cream shop and I tried the pistachio almond ice cream and fell in love with it.

Then after we went back to the cabin to relax for a bit we decided to go to Lake Leatherwood and we went kayaking for the first time, it was so much fun..   

What fun things did you do this weekend? 


I’m 25

  Can’t believe I am 25 today, I am looking forward to this year. It’s going to be great.. I have so much to be thankful!! I am blessed beyond measures, I have an amazing husband we have two beautiful and healthy children, I have a great job and a nice place to live and nice cars.. This year I want to spend time doing instead of wishing and saying I want to do.. 

Some of the things I want to really implement and do this year:

  • Spend more time with GOD! 
  • Start bible journaling and really studying the word
  • Create DIY projects that I enjoy 
  • Take more pictures and document them
  • Establish routine in the household (family, cleaning, exercising) 
  • Being a positive person! 

Those are some of my goals. 

I just want to live my life the way God wants me too..  

Thanks for listening to my birthday ramble.. Hope you have a great day.. 

My Birthday Shopping Trip

So every year it seems we go to Springfield which is about an hour away to shop. I love going to TJMaxx, Lifeway (Christian bookstore), HobbyLobby and the Mall. I tried really hard not to just buy random stuff as I am going to try really hard the rest of this year to just buyin stuff for no reason. I am bad about that. Anyways I picked up a few things and I am excited!!  

  My hobby lobby trip consisted up this adorable rug on sale $4 I was so excited this went under my chair for my office..  

I also purchased a few things to start bible journaling..   

I got the lotion from my mother n law for my birthday along with some other BBW but I had it on my desk so I thought I would show it (I love it). The water bottle I am so pumped about I was really instreseted in the Swell water bottles but they are over $30 and I have spent a lot of money on water containers (I’m obsessed).  I did not want to spend that kind of money and I saw this one in the checkout line at TJMaxx do I thought I would give it a try.. Also got a screen protector for my phone, mine has been cracked since I got it last year and haven’t purchased a new one I thought it was about time. 

Also oh my goodness I actually went in Victoria Secret and instead of walking out  empty handed like I always do, I got measured and fell in love with their bras. Luckily I picked a good time too it was during their semi annual sales. So I picked up this cute bag shown above and a new black bra.. 

We also went to HuHot to eat that place is so yummy, so I though I would do the lifestyle blogger type thing and of course show pictures of my food.. Hehe.. The desert was awesome, cookie sought crabragoons and ice cream..  


My Hair

  My mom paid for me to get my hair done for my birthday.. So I got my hair twice within two weeks, the first time my hair did not take the color as much. So to me it wasent as noticeable. The hair stylist said she would do it again for free we would have to bleach it this time for the color to be brighter. Well the second time I went, it’s definitely noticeable.. I like it, but it’s very bright red and it’s not something I would normally do. So I am kind of nervous about it.. We shall see. I put it up in a half pony tail and braided my bangs to kinda ease into it..  


My Top 4 Favorite Features | Apple Watch 

1) Date/ Time obviously but before I decided I wanted to get the next new apple gadget “Apple Watch”  at the time I never wore a watch. So instead of jumping the gun and purchasing an expensive watch when I never wore one before I wanted to get a cheap one to see if I would utilize it.  I realized I love wearing a watch, instead of always having to look at my phone to figure out what time it was or the date I could just look at my watch 😀.

2) Notifications are awesome! You can set what notifications you want to see it had anything from text messages, Facebook notifications and messages, or email and more. I set mine up to only see the text messages and Facebook messages so it’s not going off all the time distracting me while I’m at work.  But I love it because I don’t have to look at my phone all the time to make sure I didn’t miss a text from my kids babysitter it’s just pops right up on my wrists. I think this is my favorite feature. 

3) Ping #2 favorite I am always misplacing my phone, and I have used this feature many times!  

4) Reminders for me go two ways number one I can set a reminder on my phone to take my pill at 7, and this is great for helping me remember to take my pill each day at the same time.  Number two you can set activity goals for fitness and it will remind you to stand every hour or to get up and move if you have been sitting.  

These are my favorite features that I use on my Apple Watch, what are yours?


My Life | Hearing Aids


I have had hearing aids since I was two years old.  So therefore I don’t remember life without them.  It is a pain in the butt sometimes, but I know God wanted me this way and I am thankful that I can still hear with my hearing aids.

Some of the daily struggles I have are having to taking them out for bed and putting them back in when I wake up before any one tries to talk to me.  Also I can not wear them in the shower, or when swimming and I have to be careful when it rains.  Talking on the phone can be rough I perfer texing, and I use closed captions so I can understand what people are staying on the TV.  As for the radio and music I love the sound of songs, and music especially country but I honeslty dont like the songs because of words, cause I have no idea what the singers are saying.   

Hearing aids are so expensive, and they are labled as cosmetic which I think is stupid.  Most insurances do not cover hearing aids at least none of the ones I have had do.  I have to have my hearing aids to work I would not able to function properly at work without them.  As for other cost the batteries seem to constantly go dead, which sucks.  I have had my Oticon hearing aids for 7 years, but they have about come to an end.  I am trying a trial now with a  new doctor and I have my first pair now.  which are the Moxi Fit by Unitron.  I may do a blog post for each type to I can document my experience.

Well I guess I have rambled enough about my hearing aid experience if you have any questions comment below 🙂