Goodwill Haul | #1

Went to goodwill on my lunch, I try to go once a week or once every two weeks. I have been on myself to only buy things that I really love and not stuff just because it’s really cheap lol. Anybody else have to do this?

Today I found a yoga block to add to my exercise area (I want to learn how to do yoga) I paid $1.99 and it was originally on clearance at target for $9.08. Then I picked up a Apple Watch screen protector for $6.99 originally $14.99, I needed one because the one I had when I first got my watch disappeared so I haven’t had one on for a long time. Oops.

Also I have been looking for a small calendar for at work, because we used to get the small ones that are sticky and I would use it for dates. I have not gotten one for this year and I found this cute one for $.99 I was excited about this. Then I found ChapStick total hydration pack of two in house red and cooling peppermint for $1.09.

That was my little haul for the day!

Have a fabulous day.


Bible journaling | My first experience

I bought a bible journal from Amazon a while back when I wanted to get into bible journaling.  But then it sat on the shelf for probably about half a year cause I was too intimidated to start.  I would sit for hours a long time on Instagram and Pinterest looking at all the amazing and creative spreads.  But just could not get myself to actually create a spread.  I craft a lot in general so I had some supplies on hand I just could not bring myself to start that first page.

So when Christmas rolled around I picked up some actual bible journaling supplies from a Lifeway store. They had some illustrated faith supplies on sale that I had been eyeballing from Instagram #illustratedfaith #biblejournaling.

So once Christmas came and went and we all got settled down I finally picked a night and got all my supplies out and created these three spreads.  I don’t think it’s too bad for my first time.  I was happy with them, and it got me excited to get into the bible.

Do you bible journal and if so what is your #1 must have?




I can’t believe it is 2018.  I know with a new year that means some people try to have resolutions and goals; I am one of those people.  I told myself I wanted to eat better, spend less, and all the normal things I want every year.  But then I get upset in the middle of the month when I don’t follow through with them, anyone else that way?

So this year I want to focus on actually being the best version of my self and working on that each and every day.  I know there will be days I may fail but I want to just let that go and keep working harder towards my goals and not give up just because I had a bad day.  I think if I change my mindset it will help me become the best version of myself which is someone who is grateful, caring, selfless and be all around good person.

What are some goals you have for this year?



Hello, it has been a while since I have blogged.  It is Saturday morning and I am sitting here drinking some sweet tea, blogging and watching my kids color and work on learning work books.

I got to sleep in a little this morning and my awesome husband made me a breakfast sandwich and then watched the kids so I could go into town alone. 🙂  That means I got to go to Dollar Tree, Goodwill, Walmart without having to get kids in and out of the car, no tears or tantrums, overall it was a peaceful time that this momma needed.  I think this should be a once a week thing!  I don’t think my husband or wallet would agree.  HAHA

Anyway just wanted to share what I was doing  today and what I am planning for the blog.  I would like to start blogging again and using this blog for a personal outlet.  To share anything I love, want to talk about,  and experiencing in life.  Pretty much all about my life as a full time working, wife, mommy, and crafter/photographer wannabe.

Stay tuned for more from me..







Christmas Tradition

Good morning, I thought I would share a new tradition I want to start this year.. As a child we always got to open one Christmas present on Christmas Eve, they were always pjs to sleep in.  Well I want to incorporate that into our Christmas traditions but instead I made a gift box that included pjs, slippers, a movie, popcorn, and some hot chocolate.. 

I seen this idea floating around Facebook a while back and I knew I wanted to do this for my kiddos.    

 Another tradition we have done for several years is going to my parents on Christmas Eve and watching Christmas Vacation.  My mom loves that movie.

Do you have any family Christmas traditions?  


My Top 3 Phone Photo Editing Apps


I am sitting here at a film class my husband is teaching and I thought I would write a blog post I haven’t in a while and I miss it.

I do not edit all of my photos that I put on Facebook.  I normally just edited the ones I put on my blog or if I am putting them on Instagram and when I do that I normally use the Instagram Gingham filter love the Matte look.

However my favorite iPhone Apps when I do edit my photos are:

  • A Beautiful Mess Love this app for adding text and little doodles, and boarders. Also love using it for collages.  This is a photo I edited with this app.IMG_6137.jpg
  • Snapseed is a great app for basic editing.
  • Square ready This app is great for adding white space around the photo.  I love this for my Instagram. IMG_5286_Fotor_Collage.jpg


What are your favorites?


Eurika Springs | 7 Year Anniversary 

Hello everyone I am writing this blog post in the most comfortable bed from the beautiful cabin we rented for two days.  Today is Sunday meaning the day we go home. I am going to miss this cabin, I want to build a house based off of the features of this place..

 Anyhoo we did a lot of exploring the downtown of Eurika Springs yesterday morning/afternoon. It was great, stopped in at Nibbles Eatery for cinimon roll and a SunnyDay smoothie and then after a morning scroll of checking out all the shops we went to the Christ of the Ozarks.

 By then we were getting hungry so we stopped at The Filling Station. It’s was yummy Justin got the catfish platter and I got the crispy chicken club sandwhich. Both were great, we walked over to the ice cream shop and I tried the pistachio almond ice cream and fell in love with it.

Then after we went back to the cabin to relax for a bit we decided to go to Lake Leatherwood and we went kayaking for the first time, it was so much fun..

What fun things did you do this weekend?