HeatPress Story

So I shared that I was purchasing a heat press a couple weeks ago and I would share my journey. Funny story I ordered it late Friday night (which it was on back order it would be in stock for two weeks) then on Sunday morning I was drinking coffee with my mom and grandma. I was excited and told my mom hey guess what I ordered a heat press and now I can put designs on shirts.. my grandma said why didn’t you say something sooner I have one sitting in my closet collecting dust that you can have.  I was like seriously, so I went over to her house and sure enough there was a nice one sitting there. So I cancelled my order and got a free heat press!! I was over the moon here are something I’ve done so far.


New Crafting Machine and Journey 

Good afternoon, I am so excited after much thought process I decided to purchase a heat press.  after researching them for about three days and decided on this one!!

I also ordered some vinyl, and teflon sheets..  I am very excited to dip into the HTV journey, any body else already there and have some tips?

  I want to purchase some tote bags, koozies, shirts and onesies to create designs on and sale locally.

This isn’t really something I want to get into big time I just want to sell some stuff to pay for my crafting hobbies.. Cause lets face it I am obsessed. I have been waking up at 4 am all last week so I can craft before going to work at my full time job. That should explain how obsessed I am.

Anyways I just thought I would blog about this first step into HTV and a heat press so I can start documenting my crafting journey.

Have a great evening and rest of the weekend..

My Top 3 Phone Photo Editing Apps


I am sitting here at a film class my husband is teaching and I thought I would write a blog post I haven’t in a while and I miss it.

I do not edit all of my photos that I put on Facebook.  I normally just edited the ones I put on my blog or if I am putting them on Instagram and when I do that I normally use the Instagram Gingham filter love the Matte look.

However my favorite iPhone Apps when I do edit my photos are:

  • A Beautiful Mess Love this app for adding text and little doodles, and boarders. Also love using it for collages.  This is a photo I edited with this app.IMG_6137.jpg
  • Snapseed is a great app for basic editing.
  • Square ready This app is great for adding white space around the photo.  I love this for my Instagram. IMG_5286_Fotor_Collage.jpg


What are your favorites?


My Top 4 Favorite Features | Apple Watch 

1) Date/ Time obviously but before I decided I wanted to get the next new apple gadget “Apple Watch”  at the time I never wore a watch. So instead of jumping the gun and purchasing an expensive watch when I never wore one before I wanted to get a cheap one to see if I would utilize it.  I realized I love wearing a watch, instead of always having to look at my phone to figure out what time it was or the date I could just look at my watch 😀.

2) Notifications are awesome! You can set what notifications you want to see it had anything from text messages, Facebook notifications and messages, or email and more. I set mine up to only see the text messages and Facebook messages so it’s not going off all the time distracting me while I’m at work.  But I love it because I don’t have to look at my phone all the time to make sure I didn’t miss a text from my kids babysitter it’s just pops right up on my wrists. I think this is my favorite feature.

3) Ping #2 favorite I am always misplacing my phone, and I have used this feature many times!

4) Reminders for me go two ways number one I can set a reminder on my phone to take my pill at 7, and this is great for helping me remember to take my pill each day at the same time.  Number two you can set activity goals for fitness and it will remind you to stand every hour or to get up and move if you have been sitting.

These are my favorite features that I use on my Apple Watch, what are yours?