My Top 3 Phone Photo Editing Apps


I am sitting here at a film class my husband is teaching and I thought I would write a blog post I haven’t in a while and I miss it.

I do not edit all of my photos that I put on Facebook.  I normally just edited the ones I put on my blog or if I am putting them on Instagram and when I do that I normally use the Instagram Gingham filter love the Matte look.

However my favorite iPhone Apps when I do edit my photos are:

  • A Beautiful Mess Love this app for adding text and little doodles, and boarders. Also love using it for collages.  This is a photo I edited with this app.IMG_6137.jpg
  • Snapseed is a great app for basic editing.
  • Square ready This app is great for adding white space around the photo.  I love this for my Instagram. IMG_5286_Fotor_Collage.jpg


What are your favorites?



Diaper Bag Essentials | 12 Months Old

diaper bag essentials

Hello everyone I have been watching Youtube videos every night before bed.  One of the videos was a “what’s in the diaper bag.” I love watching these videos and especially whats in my purse videos because I am obsessed with purses.

So I thought since I don’t make Youtube videos I would make a blog post sharing Ellie’s Diaper bag essentials.


These are the things I love to keep in Ellie’s diaper bag minus of course the obvious things such as diapers, wipes and a change of clothes.

Boogie Wipes Grape Scent – these are great for keeping her nose clean I even use these on Carson my 4 year old.

Babyganics Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer – always love to keep this on hand for Carson and myself.

 Munchkin Click Lock 9oz Bite-Proof Sippy Cup – Ellie is starting to use a sippy cup she loves carrying this around drinking water, she will not drink her formula out of this but I am hoping to switch her to milk soon and get rid of bottle all together.  Carson got rid of his at 1 year.

Little Remedies New Baby Essentials Kit –  this has been awesome to keep in her bag because we are always on the go and if she starts running a fever or coughing I always have medicine with me.  This makes an awesome baby shower gift.

Munchkin Formula Dispenser – this little thing is what I always keep in her bag instead of toting around a container of formula.  I will always bring the whole thing if we will be gone somewhere all day.  But for the most part this always works for our daily outings.

What are your diaper bag essentials?




Monthly Favorites | February 2016

montlyfavHello everyone I hope your weekend is going great!  Mine sure is.  I thought I would share my February favorites.

February favorites

Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque | Boyfriend shirt from Old Navy | Plantation Mint tea | Bubblegum Lip scrub from Lush | Scandal : New Favorite TV show on Netflix | Burt’s Bees Replenishing lip balm | Make it Happen : great book I recommend it.

Some of the products I linked a website so you can purchase or check them out online

What was your favorite thing for February?



New Purse | What’s in my bag

Hello, I got a new purse this weekend so I though I would share my new bag and what I am carrying in it.


I was at a local Sportsman’s show the past weekend and this purse stood out to me the whole weekend.  So the last day I kept looking at it and trying to justify the spending.  Once I figured out it would be perfect for my camera gear for photoshoots as well as an everyday bag I was sold.  It was the most expensive purse I’ve actually bought myself but this purse is Concealed Carrie purse for more information you can visit the website @ .  This one is the Aged Brown Leather Satchel.



This is typically what I carry in all my bags.


The pink bag contains my checkbook, ipad/iphone charger, gum, and other misc small things.  The green coach bag contains my hearing aid batteries and parts, feminine products, and lotion.  The little blue thing with a bow is my cute little wallet my mom bought for me.  I always carry my iPad I love reading my books and watching the Tv Show  Younger on it in my free time.  Always have to have sunglasses and a pen.  I also take oatmeal to work for my breakfast and a magazine to skim through on my breaks.  Last but not least my Filofax.

What are your purse Essentials?




Monthly Favorites | January 2016



Hello, I thought I would share my January favorites.  I want to keep tract so I can look back and see that products, food, and other stuff I’ve loved through out the year.



Peanut Butter M&M’s | Degree Ultraclear Deodorant | Rue 21 Perfume | NYX Baked Blush (Wanderlust) | Sweet Mint EOS Stick | Kind Bar | Maybelline Eye Pallet

Some of the products I linked a website so you can purchase or check them out online

What was your favorite thing for January?