HAPPY PLANNER | My New Purchases

Hello, so I bought some new planner goodies last weekend and I got so excited and wanted to share what I got and how I used some of them! I linked the products below so if you are interested in getting the same thing or want to see what else they have you can click each product and it will take you to the Me and my big ideas website to that specific item.

I purchased:

What are your favorite and must have HP products?



Planner Spread | Week 19

  Good morning, I thought I would share my planner love on my blog. I got a new planner in the mail this weekend. I bought the quarterly inkwell press planner for two reasons:  1 to try out the inkwell press brand, this is my first purchase. I want to purchase the regular inkwell press planner but didn’t want to spend $58 on a planner at this moment, I have already spent enough money in the last two years on planners only to quite using them after several weeks. 2 these seemed like a nice size to carry in my purse, they were bulky. I am always switching out my purses so I though this would be perfect for my smaller purses. 
What planner do you have?